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During the mid 1800’s the lack of public hall facilities in Clackmannan prompted the formation of the Clackmannan Public Hall Co Ltd. The main shareholders of which were Lord Zetland, John Thomson Paton and a Mr Mitchell. Lord and Lady Balfour of Burleigh also maintained a close interest in matters.

The Town Hall today actually consists of 4 stages of construction.

Stage 1 - 1888
Main Hall and Recreation Room.
The Company commissioned Alloa architects T. Frame and sons to design the Hall and construction began by local building firms in 1887 on a large site in the Main Street acquired from Lord Balfour. It was completed at a total cost of £1200.00.

Stage 2 - 1903
2 Storey Red Sandstone Frontage.

This phase of construction was funded by John Thomson Paton and comprised of a library and reading room on the ground floor and a billiard room and recreation room on the first floor. Additional funding was received from the entrepreneur Andrew Carnegie with an endowment fund also received from Mr Paton.
Total costs approx £2000.00.

At this point in history the Clackmannan Public Hall Company was wound up voluntarily and Mr Paton gifted the buildings in trust to the Parish Council of the Parish of Clackmannan for the benefit of the town of Clackmannan.

Stage 3 - 1927
Billiard Hall with Retiring Room and lavatory.

This extension to the western elevation of the Main Hall was funded by the local Miners Welfare Fund at a sum of £2500.00. It was fully fitted out with 3 billiard tables and accessories.

Stage 4 - 1993
New Library and Community Access Point.

This extension to the northern elevation of the Main Hall was constructed by Clackmannan District Council and opened by local J.P. Thomas Adams.

Words of Lord Balfour at the laying of the memorial stone in 1887…

“ When opened, it is hoped the Hall would be a place where all might meet on common ground for enjoyment, mutual improvement and instruction” and “a means of binding the people more closely together “.


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