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The Clackmannan Town Hall Trust was established in Oct 2004 and is a registered Company Limited by Guarantee - company no. 283056. The Company is also a registered Scottish charity SC 036526.
The registered address of the Company is Clackmannan Town Hall, Main Street, Clackmannan, FK10 4JA.

The current Trustees are:

Cathy Alexander
Nicola Blane
Julie Horne
Robert Horne
Fiona Hughes

William Johnstone

Helen Paterson
Gayleen Thomson
Andrew White
Karen Brander

The Executive Committee are:

Robert Horne Chairman
Bill Johnstone Vice Chairman
Gayleen Thomson Secretary
Helen Paterson Treasurer



In May 2004 Clackmannanshire Council announced that the Hall would be closing due to budget cuts. The Clackmannan community decided at a public meeting to take on the running of the Hall themselves.

After an initial steering group confirmed the feasibility of the project a constitution was drafted and a committee duly elected at the annual general meeting in October 2004. In April 2005 the Committee formed a Company Limited by Guarantee under the name of The Clackmannan Town Hall Trust. Thereafter in May 2005 the Company attained charitable status from the Inland Revenue.

Following negotiations with Clackmannanshire Council a 25 year lease was granted in favour of the Clackmannan Town Hall Trust and came into effect on the 1st Feb 2006.



Photographs from the signing of the lease and opening ceremony Feb 2006.

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